Harbour Air Health First

At Harbour Air, the safety of our passengers and our team members is our core value. Prior to and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been proud to continue to lead the industry with our award winning and internationally recognized safety standards and protocols. 

Today, not only do we consider ourselves aviation geeks, we’re also proud to call ourselves clean freaks. We’re keeping our facilities and aircraft extra clean and taking measures to ensure our team remains healthy so we can help keep you moving throughout coastal B.C. as safely, efficiently and enjoyably as possible. Keep reading to find out how Harbour Air’s new Health First program is working to keep you, our team and our communities protected.


First off, WELCOME! Thank you for choosing to fly with us and support your local airline. On behalf of our entire team, we appreciate it!

At the Terminal

    When you arrive please approach the check-in counter where you’ll be greeted by a friendly Harbour Air team member on the other side of the plexiglass. Please note that the plexiglass is cleaned regularly and we can’t wait to welcome you!
    Next, you might notice we’re a little nosier than usual these days. To comply with Transport Canada regulations, prior to your departure we’ll be asking everyone to answer a few health screening questions in our Health Declaration form. The form will be included in your emailed booking confirmation and we also have copies available at the terminal.
    Click here to take a look at the form.
    To keep things moving along, instead of looking for your pocket or purse mask, we will happily provide you with a new and unopened Health First Kit. Of course, you are still welcome to wear your own mask but we just want to make sure you’ll have everything you need. The kit will include a non-medical mask. Disposable gloves are available upon request and rest assured we have ample hand sanitizer available. While in the terminal, wearing masks and gloves is optional but encouraged.
    At the Terminal Safety Protocols
    When it comes to your luggage, as always, we will be happy to check it in, or you can carry it with you to the aircraft. Any bags that are checked in will be sprayed with disinfectant as an extra precaution. Please note, due to the size of our aircraft, upon boarding all carry-on items will be stored in the rear cargo area.
  5. TOUCHLESS PAYMENT: Increased Tap Limit on Credit & Debit Cards
    How do you feel like paying? Although cash is accepted, if possible, we would prefer plastic and have increased our tap limit to $250 per transaction for added convenience and less contact. Alternately, our Pre-Paid Quick Tickets or Turbobucks programs are also great ways to pre-pay for your flight and skip this step at check-in.
    While waiting for your flight, please be mindful of your wingspan while you’re making your way around the terminal. You will notice physical distancing markers on the floor and dispersed seating in the lounge areas, to encourage everyone to remain 2 meters apart.
    When you hear the boarding announcement for your flight, if you are not already wearing it, please put your mask on and make your way down to the aircraft. Because we have eliminated the use of physical boarding passes as another way to reduce contact, you’ll still see lots of smiling upper cheeks from our agents at the boarding gate. Once you proceed to the aircraft, your Pilot will perform a roll call to ensure everyone is accounted for.
    While you are flying, we are cleaning! In between flights, the check-in counters, lounge area and all high traffic touch points within the terminals are being meticulously sanitized. This is performed between every flight with an extra deep clean or facilities and aircraft at the end of each day. Our restrooms are available for your use and cleaning protocols have increased to ensure the highest measures in place. Although these measures will vary by location, foot door pulls, additional paper towel dispensers, reduced occupancy signs and free standing antiseptic stations are just some of the measures we have put in place to ensure the most hygienic facilities are available.

On Board

On Board Safety Protocols


  1. MASKS 
    To keep everyone healthy, Transport Canada requires all passengers to wear masks for the boarding process and through the duration of the flights. Please do your part and keep your mask on! You may notice that your Pilot will remove their mask. Please be assured that this is permitted in order to ensure that they can clearly converse with Air Traffic Control as well our own Flight Tracking team. Your Pilot will put their mask back on prior to disembarking the aircraft.
    From prop to tail, inside and out, we are keeping our aircraft extra squeaky clean so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the flight without having to worry. In between each flight the interior windows, seat belt buckles, laminated seatback cards and any other surface we can wipe down are being sanitized. For your safety, magazines and promotional leaflets have all been removed from the seatback pockets. We also encourage keeping a travel size bottle of disinfectant readily available in a pocket just in case you feel you need it.
    The seating capacity in our aircraft has been adjusted to help facilitate physical distancing on board.

*Please note that in some cases, the capacity of the aircraft may increase when members of the same cohort have identified themselves and requested to sit together. This is to the discretion of the Pilot and they will assign seating to ensure that all passengers enjoy the most physical distancing possible when on board. 

    • Single Otter – currently seats 10 passengers
    • Twin Otter – currently seats 13 passengers
    • Caravan – currently seats 9 passengers
    • Beaver – currently seats 5 passegers

Upon Arrival

Post Flight Safety Protocols


    Once the aircraft has docked a masked dock crew member will welcome you and invite you to deboard the aircraft. We all need a little extra space these days, so please stand at least 2 meters apart while waiting to collect your bags on the dock.
  2. MASKS
    We encourage all guests to keep their masks on until they pass through the arrival gate.

If you’ve booked a through-fare to connect to another Harbour Air destination, proceed inside the terminal to check-in for the next leg of your flight.


Our Team

We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing team of staff, so making sure they are healthy and happy is important. We are operating with reduced staffing levels and are scheduling staff into A & B group shifts to limit contact. Please be patient and considerate of our teams, we promise they are working hard to help all of our guests and customers quickly and efficiently.

In addition, all front line team members are taking part in temperature checks at the start and end of their shifts. In the interest of everyone’s health and well being, we strongly encourage any staff who are not feeling well to stay home. Teams are being provided with personal protective equipment as needed and we’re taking measures to reduce contact points. For example, we have removed paper manifests and have implemented an electronic flight manifest system.

We’re Listening

Whether it’s through a post-flight survey, a comment on social media or in-person conversations, we’re always keen to hear your feedback. Please get in touch with our Customer Care team to share any thoughts or concerns about your travel experience.

Here’s what some of our recent guests are saying:

It was a great experience! Everyone was cautious and respectful. I would have no concerns flying Harbour Air again during this time.”

“All your staff are trained to think about the customer’s needs, well done you stand out among service companies.”

Thanks for taking good care of me as you always do. You are the only airline I trust in Canada right now…You, one of the smallest in the country were doing everything right and dealing honestly with your customers. This has not gone unnoticed. because of this I will always choose Harbour air over all others.”

Our dedicated health and safety team continues to monitor information from authorities like Health Canada, the BC Centre for Disease Control and Transport Canada to ensure our policies and cleaning procedures align with their recommendations.

As a reminder, if you are feeling unwell please stay home and get in touch by phone or email so our reservations team can help you modify your booking accordingly. When you are ready to travel, we look forward to welcoming you aboard for a safe and healthy flying experience.

We’re Always Trying to Improve

Please be assured that never before have Harbour Air’s Values of Safety, Service, Innovation and Team Spirit been more paramount than they are now. They are at the core of everything we do and every decision we make as we try to navigate ourselves through this storm. We hope that we are serving you all in a way that displays our dedication to all of you and, once again, our appreciation that your chose to fly with us and support your local airline.

Thank you. 



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