Pet Travel

Whether your furry friend is travelling with you on a flight or flying solo as extra special cargo, Harbour Air is happy to welcome pets on board. Due to the size of our aircraft and the safety of your pet and our crew, there are some size restrictions for pets travelling with us. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with our pet travel guidelines.

Looking for information about Service and Support Animals? Click here!

Pets may be transported on our aircraft up to a maximum of 35 lbs including the pet carrier. For the safety and comfort of your pet and other passengers on board, most pets travelling on domestic flights are transported in the rear cargo area of the aircraft and must travel in a hard-shelled pet carrier. The hard-shelled travel kennel or pet carrier must adhere to the maximum dimensions stated below. Collapsible, soft-shell kennels are not accepted for use in the rear cargo area. Please note, the carrier must be secure, leak proof and well ventilated.

Maximum Pet Carrier Dimensions

To find out which type of aircraft will most likely be operating your flight, please get in touch with our Reservations Team. We want to make sure your pet is comfortable while travelling with us. The pet carrier must be large enough to allow the animal to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably. No part of the animal may protrude from the carrier. Multiple pets in one crate will be accepted as long as the stated requirements for pet comfort and size restrictions are adhered to. Harbour Air reserves the right to refuse the transport of any animal if the above conditions are not met.

Twin Otter25"36"36"
Single Otter18"42"54"

Note – Additional restrictions and documentation are required for pets travelling on international flights. Please contact our Reservations team in advance to discuss travelling with a pet on an international flight by calling 1.800.665.0212.

Remember that whether your pet is travelling with us, the combined weight of your pet and carrier will count towards your luggage allowance. If you plan on travelling with a pet, please contact our Reservations team in advance to make your booking by calling 1.800.665.0212.

Harbour Air accepts pets for transport via our Parcel Express service on domestic flights. All above requirements must be adhered to for pets travelling on their own as freight. Click here to learn more about Harbour Air’s parcel express service. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship any unaccompanied pets if we anticipate weather or other factors are likely to affect the routing or operation of the flight. We continue to welcome pets aboard our aircraft when accompanied by their human travel partner.

On a direct, one-way flight a flat rate shipping fee of $40 applies for animals that are secure inside a carrier within our allowable weight and dimensions outlined above. Pets travelling alone can include, but are not limited to, cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds travelling in individual (approved) pet carriers. Please note, the Pet Policy does not apply to other live animals being shipped in secure freight boxes (such as fish or reptiles), which will still be charged according to our freight fare structure. On a thru-fare flight, a flat rate shipping fee of $60 applies. All other live animal shipments will be charged according to our Parcel Express fare structure which can be found here.

Harbour Air does not offer unaccompanied pet transport services on international flights.

Pet Carrier Rentals

Harbour Air has a limited supply of pet carriers available for rent for the transport of pets on our flights for a fee of $35 per flight. Please call us in advance if you would like to rent a pet carrier so we can make sure one is available at your departure base. 1.800.665.0212.


Get in touch with our team by calling 1.800.665.0212 or emailing



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