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The Turbobucks program awards bonus points for electronically prepaid travel credits. It is in the form of an online account assigned to your organization. Deposit a lump sum and withdraw/redeem from it, it's that easy!

Program features:

  • Easy online or over the phone booking
  • No expiration date
  • Valid on goGOLD or goFLEX fares for all scheduled service routes. Turbobucks are not eligible on goLITE and goFAST fares. Click here for more information on our goFARES program.
  • One account for multiple travelers and administrators
  • Online reporting to reconcile payments
  • Convenience of paperless transactions (no risk of lost tickets) plus, a reduction in environmental paper waste.

Total Purchased Amount* are in Canadian Funds and are inclusive of GST; redemptions are GST exempt.  Other conditions:  1) redemptions are restricted to goFLEX and goGOLD only; 2) redemptions are restricted to domestic flights only; 3) purchases/top-ups are non-refundable; and 4) purchases and redemptions not eligible for High Flyer Rewards points. 

Harbour Air will contact you for more information after submitting this form.

New Turbobucks Voucher
Top-up Existing Voucher
$Price $Credit Bonus Rate $Total (inc. Tax)
$1,000 $1,100 10% $1,050
$2,500 $2,875 15% $2,625
$5,000 $5,900 18% $5,250
$10,000 $12,200 22% $10,500

Do you have an existing HAS / Customer number you would like the Turbobucks voucher linked to so you can review transactions and balance(s) online:

No Yes

Credit Card

Please note that requests are not processed until you receive a confirmation from our Account Coordinator. Requests are processed within 1-2 business days of submission of order and receipt of payment details.

For more information on Air Bucks please contact our Account Coordinator:

604 233 2643 (Lower mainland)
1 800 665 0212 (Toll Free)

Office Hours:
7-3pm Mon to Fri

An important announcement concerning Airbucks:

January 24, 2014 

Dear Valued Airbucks Customer, 

Please allow us to begin by expressing our gratitude to you for investing in Harbour Air’s Airbucks program. This program was originally designed to make travelling with Harbour Air a simple and straight-forward procedure, to streamline account balances, flight information and booking procedures. Our colleague, Donna Disini has been in her role as Account Coordinator for over 3 years and works diligently to ensure that at all times, every Airbucks customer has a direct contact and that any investment in the program and in our company is recognized and is always a positive experience. It is in this same intention that we are writing to you today to inform you of some changes that Harbour Air is making to the Airbucks Program, as well as the introduction of a new customer loyalty account program, Turbobucks. 

To begin, Turbobucks will be introduced on February 03, 2014, and will match the current Airbucks investment and reward structure. Turbobucks will be Harbour Air’s new debit accounting system and will be redeemable online and at check-in, with the same online reporting as the Airbucks program currently provides. 

As of April 01, 2015, the Airbucks program will be discontinued. As Harbour Air’s website, booking system and new initiatives evolve, this old system can no longer be redeemed as it doesn’t allow for accurate discount levels to be captured at time of booking. The intent was for Airbucks account holders to receive the discounts at the time of investing into the program, not during the booking process. In order for Harbor Air to continue to offer discounts on flights at certain times and on specific routes, this is being rectified. 

In order to continue to ensure that every current Airbucks customer is properly notified of the effects that this will have on their investment, the details of the transition from Airbucks to Turbobucks are as follows: 

• The Airbucks Program will terminate as of April 01, 2015. Existing Airbucks account holders wishing to continue to invest in the Airbucks program can do so up until Friday, February 14, 2014; orders placed after February 14, 2014 will be processed under the new Turbobucks program, and new Turbobucks accounts will be set-up/assigned accordingly. 

• The Airbucks Program will continue to allow bookings of all fare types until it is discountinued. Any remaining balance after April 01, 2015 will be transferred to the new Turbobucks Program and account holders will be notified of the transfer and their balance. 

• With the introduction of Turbobucks on February 03, 2014, new accounts from this date onwards will be created under the new Turbobucks Program. 

• Turbobucks bookings will be restricted to regular fares only and this will apply for bookings made online, through our Reservations Call Centre or at the Front Counters. Customers will continue to enjoy the same reward/incentive structure at the point of investment into the program. 

• All Turbobucks account holders may take advantage of any of our web sales by simply using a different form of payment. 

• Turbobucks and Airbucks will run in conjunction with one another starting 03 February 2014 until the Airbucks program is discontinued at end of day, 01 April 2015. 

To ensure that questions you have regarding these changes to your investment are answered to your satisfaction and that this transition from Airbucks to Turbobucks is fully transparent, every step of the way, please feel free to contact Donna Disini at ddisini@harbourair.com or at 604-233-2643. 

Again, thank you for your investment in Harbour Air and the service that we provide. On behalf of everyone here, we look forward to continuing to serve you and your community.