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Reward Yourself

Reward Yourself

High Flyer Reward points can be redeemed for flights, restaurant gift certificates, Harbour Air merchandise and more. Points are redeemed at the rate of 1 point redeemed = $1.00 toward scheduled flights and restaurant certificates, 1.5 points = $1.00 toward scenic tours and 2 points = $1.00 for Harbour Air merchandise or select electronics, unless otherwise noted*

To redeem your points for flights, simply call our Reservations Centre at 1.800.665.0212 to make a booking. Payment will be processed at check-in using your points.

*Rewards account must have enough points to cover the complete transaction. Partial payment with points is not accepted. You must have enough points to redeem for a standard goGOLD or standard goFLEX fare. Points are not redeemable for any discounted flights such as goLite, goFast, and non-peak goFLEX/goGOLD fares.

NEW Collect points on scenic tours! Visitors in town? Show your visitors the highlife with a scenic seaplane tour! High flyer rewards members are now eligible to collect and redeem points on all Panorama tours. Click here for more Information

Name Points Reqd $Amt Qty
Cactus Club 25 $25
Cactus Club 50 $50
Cactus Club 100 $100
Cardero's Restaurant 25 $25
Cardero's Restaurant 50 $50
Cardero's Restaurant 100 $100
The Sandbar 25 $25
The Sandbar 50 $50
The Sandbar 100 $100
Seasons in the Park 25 $25
Seasons in the Park 50 $50
Seasons in the Park 100 $100
Sequoia Grill 25 $25
Sequoia Grill 50 $50
Sequoia Grill 100 $100
Brown Social House Restaurant 100 $100
Flying Otter Grill 25 $25
Flying Beaver Bar and Grill 25 $25
Name Points Reqd $Amt Qty
Best Buy 200 $100