Harbour Air Seaplanes

Aircraft Fleet

Aircraft Fleet

Harbour Air is proud to operate the largest all-seaplane fleet in North America. Our fleet primarily consists of a variety of Canadian built de Havilland Beaver, Single Otter and Twin Otter aircraft which are envied worldwide for their history, craftmanship, safety record and workload capability. In 2018, a Cessna Grand Caravan EX was also added to the fleet which is equipped with IFR technology and is primarily used to service the Vancouver/Seattle and Vancouver/Tofino routes.

DHC-3 Turbine Single Otter

Single Otter

Up to 14 passengers 23 in fleet
Length: 13.78m (45.21ft) Maximum Operating Altitude: 3000m (9842.52 ft)
Height: 3.76m (12.34 ft) In Production: 1952-65
Wingspan: 17.44 m(57.22 ft) Power: 750 hp
Speed: 210 km (130 mph)

DHC-6 DeHavilland Twin Otter

Twin Otter

Up to 18 passengers 2 in fleet
Length: 15.85m (52.00 ft) Maximum Operating Altitude: 7620m (25,000ft)
Height: 5.49m (18.00ft) In Production: 1965-Present
Wingspan: 19.81 m (65 ft) Power: 650 hp (per engine)
Speed: 363 km (226 mph)


DHC-2 Beaver


Up to 6 passengers 10 in fleet
Length: 10m (32.81 ft) Maximum Operating Altitude: 3000m (9842.52ft)
Height: 3.18m (10.43ft) In Production: 1947-1965
Wingspan: 14.67 m (48.13 ft) Power: 450 hp
Speed: 180 km (110 mph)

Cessna Grand Caravan EXFleet Caravan

Up to 10 passengers 1 in fleet
Length: 12.67 m  Maximum Operating Altitude: 7620 m
Height: 4.60 m Power: 867 hp
Wingspan: 15.87 m
Speed: 287 km/h