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2016, The Year in Review: Part II

2016, The Year in Review: Part II

In Part II of our look back at 2016, we remember some of our favouite "fan moments" from the past year. Read on and get just a little bit giddy with us as we meet people who've inspired us, entertained us, and best of all - flown just like we do! Big thanks out to the passengers in this list for flying, and for stopping to say hello and sometimes snap a quick picture too! 

Some of our fan-favourite flyers from 2016, in no particuar order: 


When you're a seaplane pilot, there's probably no bigger thrill than looking over to the right seat and seeing Captain Sully Sullenberger. Well, that's just what happened to a couple of different Harbour Air pilots this past summer! Sully was gracious enough to stop for photos and chat, and HA pilot Gavin Hassett was kind enough to share his story on the Seaplane Stories blog. If you haven't checked it out, find it here. #legends

This week I had the opportunity to come to Vancouver and speak to @mdrt at their annual meeting. I was fortunate to have been able to bring my family with me and go on a @harbourair seaplane - made for landing on water!

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Jane -Goodall

Speaking of legends, wow, what an honour to meet and fly Dame Jane Goodall earlier this year! Thank you Jane for the chat and the photos, stuffed monkey and all! 

Dierks -Bentley

Headlining at a popular country music festival on Vancouver Island? Well, you know then that the only way to get there in true west coast style is go "Wheels up in a seaplane." Dierks Benley knows, and he made this cool video to prove it!  

Gord -Downey

Speaking of headliners, well, they don't get any bigger than this one in this country! When Gord Downey and members of the Tragically Hip needed to connect their Victoria and Vancouver shows on the Man Machine Poem tour, they hopped aboard Harbour Air! From all your fans here, thanks for flying Gord, and thanks sincerely for all the wonderful music too! 

On behalf of all the people who's favourite memories play to the soundtrack of a Hip song, thank you Gord. We're all richer for having imagined the world through your creativity and passion. ... #thetragicallyhip #gorddownie #gratitude #oneofakind

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Rick -Mercer

Ok, while we're talking about Canadian icons, we have to mention Rick Mercer. This isn't the first time Rick has travelled in one ouf our seaplanes (or flown it, check it out!), but it's always a pleasure to see him! You're cleared for takeoff anytime Rick, come back soon! 

As always, thanks for flying with us Rick! If there was anything to 'rant' about, its the beautiful west coast weather compared to the snow storm in TO this am. @rickmercerreport #rickmercer #seaplanes #yvr #lovewhereyoulive #avgeek #beautifulbc #vancouver #westcoast

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This one is really special. Not only did TRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge fly with us twice during their Canadian Tour this year, but we had the honour and the privelege to welcome the charming Prince George and Princess Charlotte aboard as well. The Royal Tour was the young Prince and Princess' first visit to Canada. We have a sneaking suspicion that George takes after his dad in his love of airplanes!

The Duke and Duchess arrive by sea plane Into the stunning harbour in Vancouver for the second day of #royalvisitcanada. They will see how the city is dealing with important issues such as addiction, mental health and the resettlement of refugees, and hope to meet as many people as possible.

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Tom -Felton

Another prominent English passenger this year was Tom Felton, best known as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film franchise. Tom may be a muggle in real life, but there's definitely something magic about him, as our team were quite excited to meet him and snap a photo. Thanks for Flying with us Tom! 

Can you guess who this magical flyer is? Need a hint? His other ride is a Nimbus 2001. #flyha #explorebc #bigfans

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Harlem -Globetroters

Would you cry 'foul' on our pun if we said that we had a 'ball' flying with Slick Willie Shaw from the Harlem Globetrotters this year? Because we did! Turbo even turned up to say hi and meet a star from his favourite basketball team. What fun!


If you've spent any time on YouTube, you may have been entertained, inspired or enlightened by Judy Travis, her husband Benji or daughters Julianna, Miya & Kiera, better known as "itsJudysLife". This lovely Seattle-based family flew with us to West Coast Wilderness Lodge this summer, and vlogged all about it here and here. It was a pleasure having you aboard Travis family, please come back soon! 

VLOG is up! Thank you @harbourair for helping us get our adventure started! #Vancouver #BC #seaplane #itsjudyslife

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Christmas -Abbott

We can surely say that our "strongest" fan-favourite flyer this year was Christmas Abbott, crossfit superstar and first female Nascar pit crew member! We were pretty inspired meeting Christmas on the docks in Victoria, thanks for coming aboard and for being so cool in person! 

Oh, hi @christmasabbott, nice to see you in #Victoria, thanks for flying in! #socool #absonabsonabs #flyha #sharethecoast #explorebc

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That's not all too, we missed a lot of people with this list of a few of our memories from this year including team members from the Seattle Seahawks, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Vancouver Canucks, NY Rangers, Washington Capitals & more! 

Stay tuned to this space as we look back on more of 2016's highlights - lots to come still!