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Spring Break Family Travel Tips

Spring Break Family Travel Tips

Have you seen that movie where the guy spins the globe and then points to a random location in order to decide a travel destination?

It’s a great way to satisfy your travel bug, except that the movie, if I recall correctly, didn’t end very well for the protagonist. Maybe that was a bad example...

Fortunately for you, good traveller, you don’t need an entire globe to satisfy your travel urge this spring break, you’ve got everything you need right here in BC! We live in one of the most glorious corners of the globe, so here’s a few tips to help you plan a relaxing, inexpensive British Columbia getaway with your family this spring.

Try Something New

I’ve lived in metro Vancouver for a long time, but I’m still blown away with the sheer number of options when it comes to flying out of the city. If you prefer a quiet, secluded holiday, it’s easy to get lost on one of the rocky outcroppings of beaches and islands surrounding Vancouver.

Salt Spring Island: Highlighted by the eclectic village atmosphere of Ganges, Salt Spring Island has an unexpected surprise waiting for everyone. A famous farmer’s market, epic hikes up Mt. Maxwell, and rocky beaches dotting the coast around every corner.

Sechelt: Landing on the water in Sechelt’s Porpoise Bay and taking in the splendour of the island life is a one-of-a-kind experience. The Sunshine Coast’s main attraction is a simple and fulfilling getaway for the whole family.

Stick With What You Know

 Have a favourite spot? Taking off for spring break is all about getting away from the hustle of the city and settling down somewhere comfortable and affordable, even if its just for a week. Being able to find your favourite holiday coffee shop is handy!

Victoria: Take in the sights and sounds of BC’s second largest city, Vancouver’s home away from home. Victoria’s harbour is world famous and it’s within walking distance to everything your family needs to enjoy an entertaining spring break vacation.

Nanaimo: Victoria-light, Nanaimo offers the opportunity to enjoy a familiar restaurant before exploring a combination of city amenities or rustic wilderness. Try a hike around Westwood Lake or a casual stroll down the boardwalk surrounding the harbour.

Pack Light

Throwing a pair of good shoes in a bag and hopping on a seaplane is a liberating experience. We’re so dependant on our vehicles when we’re at home because we’re always busy, that leaving your car behind when you’re on vacation makes the experience even more powerful. The best way to experience the islands of the coast or the sights and sounds of our province’s more quaint cities is to get outside and see them for yourselves, up close and personal, on the ground.

…After you experience them from high above the ground first, of course.

How Do Mom & Dad Get to Work?

Harbour Air is happy to launch Kids Fly Free! From March 11th until March 31st,  children accompanying their parents on a flight fly completely free of charge. 

Note: One child per adult.