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Flying Home for Thanksgiving?

Flying Home for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a busy time for people flying back and forth between Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland and the Sunshine Coast. Harbour Air allows you to get your destination in under 40 minutes, allowing you to spend more time with your loved ones and if this is the year that you get to meet the In-Laws, think of all the extra time you will have to impress.

The In-Laws. Will they like me? Am I good enough?

Don’t worry “Meet the Parents” is a movie, not real life right? Well, at Harbour Air they care: Service - Always to a Higher Level.  Here's a handy guide that will teach you how to act, how to talk and most importantly, how to trick everyone into thinking how awesome you are.

 1. Ask Questions

Instead of writing down jokes or interesting stories to tell, the real secret of impressing your in-laws is to get them talking about themselves. Take an interest in their lives and encourage them to get the conversation started. And you know what? Sooner or later you might actually start enjoying yourself (because it’s not about you any more, yes we’re talking to you Generation Y).

2. Help Out

Helping out around the house is the ultimate tension-breaker. Facing an awkward lull in the conversation? Excuse yourself to help with the dishes. Helping out tells your in-laws that not only are you a hard-working, dependable sort, your partner isn’t left alone with all the housework back at home after the holidays.

3. Know Your Limits

It might be an obvious tactic not to overindulge in alcohol, but the problem is that you’re often not in complete control of how much booze you’re fed. Thanksgiving drinks will start flowing, so it’s crucial, unless your in-laws appreciate random karaoke competitions, to keep yourself in check. Save the karaoke for another time.

4. Meet the Extended Family

An easy way to impress your in-laws is what the business world calls free-wheel marketing. After visiting with mom and dad, make time for aunts, uncles and the secret gold-mine: kids.

5. Be Yourself

Do you know why your partner chooses to be with you? It’s not a trick question. Whatever those countless reasons might be, ultimately your main objective is to be a fun, helpful person to have around. Being nervous is natural, but if being yourself during the rest of the year is good enough for your significant other, then being yourself ought to be good enough for your significant other’s parents.

So this Thanksgiving, just be yourself and chances are you’ll be thankful for your in-laws’ growing approval. Show them how awesome you truly are and you won’t need to trick anyone after all.