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4 Productivity Hacks for Frequent Flyers

4 Productivity Hacks for Frequent Flyers

One of the best parts of flying frequently for work is the sheer amount of work you can get done.

No really, it’s possible! It just takes a little planning beforehand. The benefit of flying by seaplane to and from work in the Lower Mainland is you’re on and off the plane quicker than you would be if you travelled by ferry or a large airliner - that means you can get to where you need to be and be tapping away at a keyboard in no time.

As long as you’re prepared.

Here’s 4 ways to make sure you’re ready to go when you land.

1. Charge Everything

You’ve got power at home. You don’t have power on the plane. Power up so you not only have access to your phone and apps while you’re in the air, but you’re ready to go the moment you land. One of my favourite things to do while travelling for work is landing in the harbour and hitting the first local coffee shop I see when I step off the dock. New places are always so inspiring!

2. Set Up Offline Work…

Whether I’m in the air for work or leisure, I like to shut myself off from the world. Sure, I take care of unfinished business before leaving, but work doesn’t feel like work when you’re in a new place and there are no distractions. Set up tasks for yourself that don’t require an internet connection. That way you can work on the plane or you can focus your energy on getting things done right after you land.

3. ...But Don’t Work Too Much

And once that work is done? Get outside and snoop around. Whether you’re visiting a familiar place or you’re there for the first time you’ll be able to find something new, like coffee, food, theatres or local art. Part of travelling is experiencing what your destination has to offer. The first time I visited the city of Toronto I walked around for nearly 5 hours. Just walking, experiencing the new streets, the different scenery. Ditto for Seattle, Halifax and Vancouver before I made the lower mainland my permanent home.

4. Unpack & Set Up Shop

If you’re set up in a hotel, get yourself set up quickly so you don’t have to think about finding your clothes or sunglasses every time you leave the room. Unpacking is a powerful tool for people who need to get work done and for people who want to relax. It re-calibrates your mind to new surroundings so you can pull out a computer and work in peace. Being organized in advance of meetings will also ease the pressure to perform or deliver results to associates.

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, if you’re anything like me, you like to have your tools and gadgets available. I have a short attention span, so unless I’m watching the clouds float by beneath the wings of the plane or the water rolling onto the shores of the lower mainland’s majestic islands, I want to know I’m getting something done.