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Harbour Air Seaplanes celebrates Earth Day with expansion of carbon offset portfolio


April 22, 2014, Vancouver, BC – The Harbour Air Group and Offsetters Climate Solutions have launched their new carbon offset portfolio in celebration of Earth Day, April 22, 2014, enhancing a program that has been in place between the two organizations since 2007.

For the past seven years, Harbour Air passengers have paid a nominal carbon offset surcharge per passenger per flight, rendering each flight carbon neutral. To date, Harbour Air passengers have offset close to 60,000 tonnes of carbon, which is roughly equivalent to the carbon dioxide stored in over 436,000 square metres of the Great Bear Rainforest. 

“In 2007, when we first announced our plan to add a carbon offset surcharge to our flights, our passengers embraced the idea knowing that we would be able to help make a difference through the support of carbon management projects,” says Meredith Moll, vice president, sales and marketing for the Harbour Air Group. “Today, we’re thrilled to announce a portfolio expansion with Offsetters, further expanding our support of reducing and offsetting carbon dioxide emissions.” 

The new Harbour Air portfolio includes three projects within British Columbia, including the iconic Great Bear Forest Carbon Project, which was unveiled in 2012. The project is, to date, the largest carbon offset project in the world. The Great Bear Rainforest plays a pivotal role in the sequestration of carbon dioxide by preventing approximately one million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere annually. The project returns stewardship to coastal First Nations peoples and develops revenue opportunities whileprotecting the rich biodiversity of the Great Bear Rainforest. 

“Harbour Air was one of our first corporate partners and we are excited to announce how their portfolio will be evolving with us,” says James Tansey, CEO of Offsetters Climate Solutions. “Including the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project in Harbour Air’s portfolio will have a lasting legacy for the province. The Great Bear Rainforest is home to a new, local, sustainable, conservation economy for the communities within the Project area. The changes to Harbour Air’s offset portfolio demonstrate their continued leadership, innovation and commitment to sustainability.”

In addition to the Great Bear Rainforest project, Harbour Air’s offset portfolio includes:

  • Nanaimo Landfill Gas Capture and Utilization project which captures and destroys methane gas, which has more than 20 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide when it is released into the atmosphere
  • SunSelect Greenhouse project in Aldergrove which converted their natural gas boiler to a biomass (or wood waste) boiler, thereby displacing natural gas with residual biomass consumption
  • Mai Ndombe REDD+ project in the Democratic Republic of Congo protects 300,000 hectares of tropical rainforest cover from complete loss of forest cover with strong socio-economic co-benefits including a mobile medical clinic and vaccinations to communities in the project area
  • Uganda Efficient Wood Cookstoves project which aims towards the widespread dissemination of hyper-efficient cookstoves that reduce fuel wood consumption by more than 50 per cent when compared to traditional technology. UN studies show that, worldwide, indoor air pollution from traditional, inefficient cooking stoves causes around 1.5 million premature deaths per year while causing debilitating illness for tens of millions more

For more information, visit www.offsetters.ca  or www.harbourair.com/about/carbon-neutral/

About Offsetters Climate Solutions

Offsetters is North America’s leading carbon management solutions provider. Founded in 2005, the company helps organizations and individuals understand, reduce, and offset their climate impact. Offsetters was the first official supplier of carbon offsets in the history of the Olympic movement (Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games). Its team of industry leaders specializes in the origination, development and commercialization of high-quality carbon offset projects and is proud to also provide clients with a comprehensive offering of sustainability consultancy services. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Offsetters has worked with over 150 of the world’s most prestigious organizations including Aimia and lululemon athletica. For more information, please visit www.offsetters.ca.

About Harbour Air Group

Harbour Air was founded in B.C. in 1982 and today has more than 50 aircraft. The Harbour Air Group, consisting of Harbour Air Seaplanes, Westcoast Air, Whistler Air and now Tantalus Air is one of the largest seaplane companies in the world.


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