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Harbour Air adds new back-up service during weather delays

Harbour Air adds new back-up service during weather delays


Vancouver, B.C. (January 20, 2014) - Harbour Air Seaplanes is taking a new step to ensure passengers arrive at their destinations safely and efficiently throughout the winter season. The Vancouver-based seaplane company will have its Pilatus PC-12, an eight-seat, wheeled aircraft that flies under the branding Tantalus Air, and a 30-seat wheeled aircraft and crew on reserve in case weather temporarily suspends seaplane operations.

Flying from Vancouver International's (YVR) South Terminal and Victoria International's (YYJ) Shell Aerocentre, Harbour Air passengers flying between downtown Vancouver, South Vancouver (YVR) and Victoria may be offered this option when weather conditions suspend regularly scheduled flights. Passengers on Nanaimo flights will also be offered this option soon. “Winter storms on BC's coast can force the delay or cancellation of flights by seaplane, which fly by Visual Flight Rules, says Executive Vice President Randy Wright. "Using these aircraft, we're able to deliver a more consistent winter travel experience to our customers."

This week's move to hold an additional aircraft on reserve comes on top of Harbour Air's existing commitment to getting their passengers to their destinations despite challenging weather. As part of Harbour Air’s preventative Safety Management System, the company does not allow flights if visibility is less than two miles and 300 feet at destination or departure point. The company also doesn’t fly if wind speeds are above 25 knots. Wright is confident that this back-up will improve the customer experience, adding another layer of assurance.

"We've always been committed to providing a travel experience that you can count on, and we're going even further to guarantee this commitment. Shuttle service to and from all terminals as well as expedited boarding of the aircraft, bypassing security line-ups and checks are all included in this new program,” says Wright.

Tantalus Air and the 30-seat chartered plane will be on stand-by throughout the winter season during times of heightened possibility for inconsistent weather. This service was first used on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 and in its first three days of use transported 264 passengers who would have otherwise had to make their own alternate travel plans.

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Media contact: Randy Wright, Executive Vice President, Business and Corporate Development 250.414.4225 or rwright@harbourair.com