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Harbour Air introduces Tantalus Air

Harbour Air introduces Tantalus Air


Harbour Air introduces Tantalus Air

Vancouver B.C. – September 19, 2013 – Harbour Air is excited to announce the launch of its first land based aircraft. Tantalus Air is a new line of business for the Harbour Air Group and it will offer private charter flights in a Pilatus PC-12. The PC-12 is a single-engine turboprop aircraft with seating for up to eight passengers.

In addition to being a fast, comfortable and easily accessible aircraft, the PC-12 is able to take-off and land on relatively short airstrips, which allows for travel to more remote destinations not serviced by most charter companies or by commercial carriers. The aircraft can also land on gravel and turf airstrips further expanding its reach.

“Charter flights have always been a part of our business, however now with the Pilatus, we are able to offer a land based option at a cost comparable to that of our seaplanes, which is considerably less than that of a private jet,” says Greg McDougall, CEO of Harbour Air. “We hope that once people understand the time savings and versatility that this airplane introduces, for example, Kelowna in 40 minutes or taking off from a gravel strip runway; we’ll be able to expand the Harbour Air experience into new markets.”

The Pilatus PC-12 aircraft is Swiss manufactured and called a marvel in precision manufacturing. The PC-12 is the largest member of the Pilatus family, integrating a single turboprop engine into an aerodynamically advanced airframe, combining excellent economy, reliability, versatility and safety. Although widely used throughout North America, very few of these aircraft operate in the Pacific Northwest with the RCMP being the largest owner operator of them in Canada. 

Further details:

  • Comfortable executive seating (reclining and pivoting seats)
  • Reserved parking and check-in steps away from where you board the aircraft
  • Large cargo entry to accommodate larger baggage (53” x 52”) or freight
  • Roomy interior with 330 cubic feet of  pressurized passenger cabin
  • Cruise speed of 270 KTS/310 MPH
  • State of the art avionics with all-weather capability
  • Range of up to 1,600 Nautical miles (1,840 Statute miles)
  • Coffee bar, stereo system and onboard lavatory

Harbour Air was founded in B.C. in 1982 and today has more than 50 aircraft. The Harbour Air Group, consisting of Harbour Air Seaplanes, Westcoast Air, Whistler Air, and now Tantalus Air is one of the largest seaplane companies in the world. 

For more information contact:
Meredith Moll, Harbour Air Group