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iPhone Tour App Now Available

iPhone Tour App Now Available

We're thrilled to announce the release of our new tour product now available in-flight! 

The iPhone Tour App everyone has been talking about has arrived and is available to download from the App Store or rent from our downtown Vancouver tour counter.   The app is a self navigating tool with in-flight tour commentary and has over 40 landmarks along our routes. 

Two options:

1. Download the free Harbour Air app and upgrade for $4.99 from the iTunes App Store to buy the full tour app. Headphones are available to buy for $8.99 (prices do not include tax)

2. Rent an iPod from our tour counter for $10.49 (including tax) or $19.44 including noise cancelling headphones (price includes tax) 

How to use:

1. Select a tour or choose your route
2. Pinch to zoom and navigate the available landmarks on your selected tour or route
3. Listen to the audio portion and browse eye-catching photos to help find the landmark from the sky!

**The Tour App is only available for the Apple iPhone currently.