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Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre Fee

Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre Fee

Dear Passenger:

As part of our agreement with the Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre and in alignment with other seaplanes companies that operate out of the Vancouver Harbour, we have been collecting a $7.50 terminal fee since September 19th, 2012 on behalf of the VHFC in order to continue operations in the Coal Harbour.
Effective December 1st 2012, as per the agreement, the VHFC terminal fee will increase to $9.50 per passenger for all flights departing from and arriving into the Vancouver Harbour. 

Please note that our Richmond/YVR routes will not be subject to this fee and we will continue to offer complimentary shuttle service to the main and south terminals of the International Airport and complimentary parking at our terminal. 

Thank you for flying with Harbour Air, Westcoast Air and Whistler Air.