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Cumberbatch Award Announcement

Cumberbatch Award Announcement

London, England — The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (GAPAN) are pleased to announce that this year’s recipient of the prestigious Cumberbatch Trophy will be awarded to British Columbia based, Harbour Air Seaplanes.

The Cumberbatch Trophy is awarded annually to an individual, a team, group or organization for an outstanding contribution to air safety, whether by the development of techniques contributing to safer flight, by improvements in ground equipment and services or by improvements in aircraft and component design.

Over the previous 30 years, Harbour Air Seaplanes has grown from a 2 aircraft operation to becoming the largest seaplane airline in the world. With a showcase fleet of 52 aircraft, serving 16 destinations with over 140 departures per day or approximately 55,000 flights per year, Harbour Air services 90% of the market of Coastal British Columbia. Harbour Air has achieved this growth and become a vital transportation link by ensuring that its core values of safety, service, integrity and team spirit are at the root of everything that they do.

Following an accident in their northern operations in 1998, Harbour Air introduced a Safety Management System (SMS) with the goal to create a safer, more efficient environment for all passengers as well as employees. The measurements taken in this system were custom designed to exceed the airline industry standards and are supported through every level of the organization through all training programs, policies, procedures and endeavors. Every employee works together to assess their work environments, monitor safety hazards and take personal responsibility to ensure that they have the training required to maintain the highest possibly safety standards. Examples of some of the elements of Harbour Air’s SMS are real-time online reporting, hazard identification, satellite based aircraft tracking system, incident analysis and trend monitoring and well as extensive emergency response planning. As a result of these proactive measures, Harbour Air’s SMS is constantly evolving the way that the organization thinks about safety by constantly stimulating and enhancing the communication between departments and encouraging employee awareness. Since the introduction of the SMS, Harbour Air has been accident free.

“This award is a true honour which we will use to continue to reinforce the importance of safety in every aspect of our operations” says Peter Evans, President of Harbour Air. “To achieve this recognition from an organization as highly respected as GAPAN further validates the importance of continuing to do what everything that we can for our staff, our passengers and the aviation industry”.

The award of the Cumberbatch Trophy will be announced to Harbour Air by GAPAN Master, Air Marshall Cliff Spink on Monday, August 13th at 1130 the Flying Beaver Bar in Richmond, B.C. The trophy will be presented in London Guildhall on 23 October 2012; one of 22 Trophies, Awards and Medals to be given, celebrating excellence in all fields of Aviation during the Annual Trophies and Awards Banquet, attended by 700 aviators and their guests from around the world.
Further information on the history of The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, the work of the Trophies and Awards Committee and previous Cumberbatch Trophy winners can be found at www.gapan.org.

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