Harbour Air is committed to providing an incredible experience for each of our passengers. Welcoming more than 500,000 people on our planes each year, we know that not every passenger has the same travel or mobility needs, which is why we offer a variety of support services to make sure your travel works for you.

In addition to the programs below, please note, all children, unaccompanied minors, families or passengers who would like additional time or assistance boarding the aircraft are welcomed to pre-board. To request a pre-board please call our reservations team before your flight or notify our team upon check-in. For more information about accessibility at Harbour Air, please click on the headings below. 

Harbour Air recognizes that certified guide and service dogs and emotional support animals provide important services. Please familiarize yourself with the following travel requirements for each type of animal.

Certified Guide and Service Dogs

We are pleased to welcome guests who are partnered with certified Guide or Service Dogs. In order to meet the Transport Canada passenger safety requirements, we may request proof of appropriate training as recognized under Provincial and Federal Legislation.

Identification and travel requirements for Guide and Service Dogs:

  • Government-issued ID or ID cards issued by member agencies of Assistance Dogs International or the International Guide Dog Federation
  • The dog must be properly harnessed or wearing an ID jacket/cape

Click here to see examples of accepted forms of ID. Please note the above requirements are the only proof of training cards recognized by Harbour Air .

Guide and Service Dogs that meet the stated requirements will be permitted to travel inside the cabin of the aircraft. We try our best to keep the dog as close to the passenger as possible as required for disability needs. For this reason, we will pre-board the passenger with their service dog. The dog’s short harness must be secured through a seatbelt at all times during the flight.

If you will be travelling with a service dog, please advise our Reservations team in advance and arrive at the terminal early for check-in and pre-boarding.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support dogs are welcome to travel with Harbour Air. Because Emotional Support Animals do not have the same public access rights as certified guide or service dogs, they must be transported in accordance with our standard pet travel guidelines. This means the pet must fit within the size and weight restrictions stated here, and must be transported inside a hard-shell kennel in the cargo area of the aircraft.

Passengers travelling with Emotional Support Animals may request to pre-board the aircraft. To make the travel experience as comfortable as possible, our crew will make an effort to seat the passenger as close to the Emotional Support Animal as possible while adhering to our safety guidelines.

Have questions about travelling with a service or support animal? Speak to our friendly Reservations team by calling 1.800.665.0212.

All passengers travelling with Harbour Air must be ambulatory in order to fly. A mobility assistance device, such as a wheelchair or cane, may be used by a passenger to get from the terminal to the aircraft, however, passengers must have the ability to walk on and off the aircraft with minimal or no assistance.

Please keep in mind that the boarding process does vary from traditional airlines. To board the aircraft, passengers have to climb a combination stair ladder, on an unsteady surface. Please review the photos and video below to help determine your ability to board.

If you believe you may have difficulty boarding our aircraft, we invite you to contact our Customer Care team at or 604.233.3537. We would be happy to set up a time for you to visit our terminal and try to board the aircraft in a pressure free environment.

DHC-3 Otter – boarding ramp and steps

DHC-2 Beaver – boarding ramp and steps (two styles)

DHC-2 Beaver – boarding ramp and steps (two styles)

To find out which oxygen concentrator models are accepted on Harbour Air aircraft, please click here and scroll down.

Please note that Oxygen Generators are forbidden for travel.

Passengers diagnosed with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease or Epilepsy are required to be accompanied by a companion or attendant for their personal care and safety during the flight. Harbour Air will provide a seat, at no additional charge, for an attendant who is travelling with an individual who has been diagnosed with one of these medical conditions. To find out about eligibility for our Passenger Escort Program, please contact our Reservations team by calling 1.800.665.0212.

Booking, Documenting and Communication

Our Reservations team should be contacted in advance of the travel date to request a passenger escort booking by calling 1.800.665.0212. Please provide our team with any relevant information that can help facilitate a smooth and comfortable check-in, boarding and in-flight experience for both the passenger and their travel companion. To request pre- or post-boarding assistance available, please advise the Customer Service Agent upon check-in.

Information required:

  • Primary contact information (person making the booking and informing us of the medical condition)
  • Contact information of the travel companion
  • Any additional notes to help make the passenger’s Harbour Air experience as seamless as possible

Harbour Air is an approved transportation partner with TAP BC and provides a discount on regular goFLEX fares on any domestic scheduled service route. The Travel Assistance Program (TAP) helps alleviate some of the transportation costs for eligible B.C. residents who must travel within the province for non-emergency medical specialist services not available in their own community. Please contact our Reservations Team at 1.800.665.0212 to find out about eligibility requirements and/or book a flight.

Have questions about accessibility? Please get in touch with our friendly Reservations team for more information by calling 1.800.665.0212.



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