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Tantalus Air

At your service, on your schedule. Introducing Tantalus Air. 

Welcome Aboard. Tantalus Air’s Pilatus PC-12 can be configured as a 6 or 8 passenger cabin. Facing seats adjust and swivel, while stowable tables and a refreshment centre turn flying into entertaining. The onboard lavatory makes longer flights a breeze.


Bring it on. The Pilatus’ large cargo access door opens to accommodate luggage, golf clubs, bicycles or other cargo. Have something bigger in mind? Load a shipping pallet up to 4’ high.

Get where you need to be. Fast. Business? Check. Pleasure? You bet. Fly for any reason to almost anywhere - without a connection or waiting at a terminal. Short take-off and landing capabilities allow you to access remote destinations directly. How much time could you save?

Ready when you are. Arrive when you want, stay as long as you like. Life is busy and plans change, we get it. Tantalus’ flexible scheduling puts you in control.

Proven craft, trusted operator. The Pilatus PC-12: made in Switzerland since 1994 and trusted by major airlines, governments and independent organizations around the world. The Harbour Air Group: renowned in B.C. and internationally for safety, service and reliabilty. Together, working for you.

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For information about Tantalus Air please call 604.233.2650

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