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Turbo the Otter

Turbo the Otter

Who is Turbo?

Turbo the Otter is Harbour Air's new mascot & brand ambassador. In the wild, river otters are renowned for their sense of play and Turbo is no exception! Often seen wandering around the Harbour Air terminals, Turbo is known for helping out, greeting planes, checking in guests or high fiving everyone as they board their plane.

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Fast Facts

Why is Turbo a river otter vs. a sea otter? River otters are commonly found swimming in rivers, streams and the ocean and often visit our docks unlike the sea otter that also swims in the ocean but are rarely found on land.

Meet Turbo

Would you like Turbo to attend your event?  E-Mail Turbo directly at turbotheotter@harbourair.com

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