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Celebrating 10 Years Carbon Neutral!

Celebrating 10 Years Carbon Neutral!

This fall, Harbour Air celebrates 10 years as North America's first carbon neutral airline. In 2007, Harbour Air partnered with local company Offsetters Climate Solutions to begin calculating and offsetting our carbon footprint. Since then we are proud to have offset 100% of emissions associated with seaplane fuel use and corporate operations!

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Why Carbon Neutral?

We know that a huge part of our success is the beauty of the West Coast experience we offer. Which is why we are so strongly committed to being an industry leader on sustainable initiatives. It’s simply good business.

Currently, however, there is no viable alternative to carbon-based aircraft fuel. But we can make up for it in other ways. Understanding that fact inspired us to begin calculating and offsetting 100% of our carbon emissions - becoming North America's first fully carbon neutral airline in 2007.  Click here.


Mitigating our environmental impact.

We are cosntantly looking for ways we we can operate more sustainably: optimizing our aircraft, actively managing our flight loads, implementing paperless ticketing & web-based payroll. 

For those emissions that can’t be reduced, we invest in carbon offsets to moderate our collective impact.

All of our flight services include a surcharge that is used to mitigate the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with air flight. 

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Our Carbon Neutral journey.

Harbour Air has worked with Offsetters since 2007 to understand and reduce our airline’s impact on the climate.

Offsetters measures our greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) associated with our offices, terminals, operations and, of course, flights.

To calculate the emissions in each of these areas, Offsetters examines our fuel records, employee commuting habits, and all the data that surrounds utilities, business travel, printing and paper use.

We’ve provided highlights from our most recent data below, but please click here to see the full report.

Our projects.

Harbour Air has worked closely with Offsetters Clean Technology to select several high quality projects that are located both in British Columbia and Overseas.  For a full list of our projects, including full descriptions of their standards and myriad co-benefits, click here.

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We want to hear your thoughts about our carbon neutral program. For comments or questions please Contact Us